Reviews for "S.A.M.V. p3: - Mr. 68%"

nicely done

i love the Samv.

good job !


well, if u like the SAMV, then this is ur flash. Watch out 4 that sex dream tough....theres a bad ending to that...

This is great

I loved the video game references, and how Percy is so jealous of his friend. This is the S.A.M.V. that I can relate the most to.

Nice one!

But think about it: If Percy knew that Alex drove a Ford Pinto (one of the worst cars SUPPOSEBLY), then things evened out. Then again, he got an X-box with Halo 2 and $40, no wonder why he's so jealous.

Here in My Car, I'm the Safest of All

Ok, music is just jizz-matic- Korn's "Blind", Rob Zombie's "Dragula", and a few others I forgot already. Well, the animation here is a lot better than pt. 1 and 2 and plus, I think you should add some SOAD and Static-X (my opinion guy)