Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XIII"

realy messed up but ok


^_^ That was thoroughly entertainning... nails to the nuts... and Guys... YOU WERE WARNED!.... ^_^ So dont complain if us girls want our "simple pleasures". If it were up to me, I wouldn't have nailed that hard... but I WOULD use a chainsaw right after nuts got nailed... =3 total castration for the win. Maybe I need to write a book "How to Properly use Testical torture" lol... jk. =3

arent you a guy too
how can you do something like that or you hate this band that much

btw what the fuck is a backstreet boy all i get when i type it in google are fags pic


really messed up but funny if you press all the tools at once and see like three evas and three blackies lol