Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XIII"

My god that was hands down the most brutal Miss Dynamite Episode ever I mean fucking hell even Jigsaw from the Saw movies weren't this cruel. Fuck its amazing how this shit never scarred me as a kid. Frankly though I hope you can make a follow up where they torture Justin Bieber One DIrection or something like that. for now dude I'm amazed you haven't been submitted to therapy.

holy shit that nail part must have really fukin hurt

WHAT IN THE NAME OF F*CKING F*CK IS WRONG WITH THE MOTHER F*CKING CREATOR OF THIS?!?!?! The creator is a male too!!!! This is the most f*cked up, disgusting, putrid thing ive ever seen! Nobody enjoys watching painful shit like this! Its just wrong and disgusting! I think we should all try to get the creator banned and this video taken down! It's just so f*cked up i cant even describe with words how angry i am right now. And what does it mean "For girls there should be no problem". THERE IS A PROBLEM FOR BOTH GUYS AND GIRLS. No guy wants to see a girls vagina get sliced and torn to bits and no girl wants to see a guys privates get mutilated! And the characters were having fun torturing that guy O.o. Oh God, i know its just a cartoon but i find it very offensive and wrong. Sorry for getting so mad but doesn't everybody agree how f*cked up this is? We gotta try to take this thing down somehow...


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