Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XIII"

Honestly that was fucked up

What the hell was that? Was that supposed to be funny? seeing a guy's sack being nailed to a chair ISN'T FUNNY. Sirkowsky (whatever you call yourself) smarten up and don't make anymore fucked up shit like this.

Sirkowski responds:

Will it be funny when the Backstreet Boys' lawyers sue me? ; ) hehehe

I think i am going to puke!


Sirkowski responds:

If you're gonna puke (hands over a very small cup), puke in this...

- quote from Garth in Wayne's World ; )

really bloodie

too much blood,a lot of violence....
i cant eat after this shit,and also,i wont have a girlfriend in my fucking life....aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!! !

Sirkowski responds:

hehe! sorry =)