Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XIII"

*holds his nuts* Jesus Christ...

Great film... But JESUS CHRIST TAKE THAT WARNING SERIOUSLY!!!! *twitches from the thought of that happening to him*


that movie wuz funny as hell i cant wait to see wut happens next

Ow. That's gotta hurt!

Ah, what a great movie this was. However, I don't know if even a Backstreet Boy deserved that kind of treatment. Oh, what the hell! He f'n deserved it. I just hope I am not in that situation.


Hahha! this is a really cool movie, but its like pretty ugly.....hehehe

That's gotta hurt!

This must be one of the most painfullest movies here on NG. Getting your balls nailed to a chair, ouch! You sure teached that Backstreet Boy a lesson, hehehe. Keep up this kind of work, your doing one hell of a job.

BTW Please give us some more tools to mess around with. Maybe a sledgehammer or some needles...