Reviews for "Miss.Dynamite XIII"

I hope Blackie had the decency to give the guy a good final nut before cracking them open. Poor fellow deserves that much at least for being tortured to death for no particular reason.

Brutal,but great!

LOL! Holy shit, I can't stop laughing!!

Very good

And once again another nice episdes with some flashy art and even better animation but then again this series always produces some very good elements the story was really good on this one what can be better make it much longer and more adveture

More action scenes more adventurous activities


So this was that one episode. :| Brutal. Really, really brutal. What a jump from the previous episodes too, and I wonder if the sequels really ever reached this level again... you did put in a fair warning though. All fair there. Feels like an untraditionally sadistic side of Miss Dynamite we get to see here, but maybe it's just a glimpse of much to come... well made, but still sorta... distasteful, looking back at this.