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Reviews for "Soundboard - Scooby Doo"

Not a bad little sound-board.

I used that "Introduction Theme" my final project for Image Manipulation last term... we were supposed to design our own project, and since my major is Media Arts and Animation, I chose to Photoshop several layers of background animation loops with alpha channels. I did a spooky forest scene at night, with about five layers of background. That music fit perfectly.

(The end result is in .mov format, though, and not very interesting outside of the classroom... but I did get an A!)

Cyberdevil responds:

heeey!Its you again!Thanks for your reviews both on this and the other one.
Im glad you liked this too.

if you want my help...

i can...
ive made many music players...
with flash that is...
its not hard at all...
i guess ive gotten so used to flash i take alot for granted...
anyways... trying giving out your email next time...
mines death101us@yahoo.com if you need help...
i do alot of things differently from other people so sorry if i couldnt guess which way you did yours...
its more work sometimes but it works...
anyways... email me...
luthor2004 on aim if you need me ;-)

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks,but i dont need any help right now.Im getting pretty good at music players myself.I checked your profile,and you dont seem to have any music players or soundboards on New Grounds,you should submit one if your good at it.Id like to see how your music players look.If i need your help sometime its good to know that ill get it.Thanks again.Btw,thanks for the review too!


Now this is a sound board! I love Scooby, so I am little biased, but it was great nontheless. Good images, and great quality sound files. I would of liked to of seen the individual tabs look a little better, but they were ok. I liked how it was orginazed by character as well. Good work.



Cyberdevil responds:

Thaks a lot!Thanks for your positive review on this,and thanx for your positive review on my other "game".
Yeah,scooby rules!

Pretty nice :)

Thanks for all your reviews on my movies :) Hell....how do you manage to write so many reviews?

Oh well, to the movie:

Good graphics
neat sounds

Everything alright!

Just one suggestion, work on the preloader, people don't like to see the plain standard preloader, add something to it!

Cyberdevil responds:

yeah,i know people dont like to see the normal preloader,i dont either.Ill make my own preloader next time.Thnx for the review.Btw,im working hard to catch up with the nr.1 reviewer,so ill review as many movies as i can.


you always review my movies, so I'll review yours. Scooby doo rocks, there should be more soundboards of him! but the sounds in this ruled anyway! well done for a first movie in NG, after doing so much for it already.

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks!Well,this isnt really my first movie ive submitted to NG,its the 5th,the other ones got blammed,but i think ive gotten alot better now.No more movies i submit will be getting blammed now(i hope).Thanks for the positive review though!Yeah,scooby does rock.