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Reviews for "Soundboard - Scooby Doo"

((( COOL )))

Hey that was great, i love scooby, nice work there could have abit more but i loved it way to go...


Cyberdevil responds:

OMG,its Xwayne!!!Thanx a lot for the 10!
Yeah,i love scooby too,thats why i made this.Btw,have you checked your reviews for The Vortex ep.4?I wrote about 4096 characters on that one,and i dont have the time to write it here again.Thanx for the review!Just wait.Ill soon be up at 7000 reviews and take your place,im already up at 1000 and ive only been on New Grounds for a month.

Rooby Dooby Doo!

Jinkies! It was about time someone did a Scooby sounboard!
Good work!

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks!Yeah,i thought so too,thats why i made this.Im glad that you liked it!:)

Very nice!

Ahh, you remind me of the old days... That is an intersting soundboard, however i do have a suggestion: if it is possible for you to ameliorate the sound quality. After all, in a soundboard, the sound matters the most. I understand it's from old cartoons, and that might be difficult though...

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanx a lot!I dont really know what ameliorate means,but i guess it has something to do with improving the sound quality Sorry,i cant do that.Im sure there is some way,but i dont know how.Thanx for the positive review though!Im glad you liked the soundboard.


the only thing on that soundboard was the intro

Cyberdevil responds:

This sounboard has about 25 sounds.What the hell are you talking about?