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Reviews for "Soundboard - Scooby Doo"


first of all...why is someone rating this on "funny" or "anything special" its a sound board, and its a good sound board

the sounds were a bit loud though....i almost had a heart attack from it....stupid headphones...

the backround looked really good, with the mystery machine

and you caught most of the good sounds too :D

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks a lot!There is nothing better then a good review!!!Im glad you liked it!:D

Its plain but still ok

It's a nice soundboard.
But there is nothing special or funny about it.
one thumb up

Cyberdevil responds:


Well ..

CD, can see that you put some effort into this.

A Soundboard is used to make prank phone calls.
It's not necessarily just a random collection of sounds. The sounds are chosen in such a way that natural conversation can be initiated and continued during. None of the sounds in here were very appropriate for that.

Ah well. :)


Cyberdevil responds:

Do you really think that there is any way you can make a prank call with the stuff they say in Scooby Doo?I dont even think that ive ever heard them say hi or hello.Oh well,thanks for the review anyways.


before you submited this did you remember what a soundboard is?? these sounds wouldn't work at all!! good board, shitty sounds.

Cyberdevil responds:

so,what was wrong with the sounds?It worked on my computer,and according to the other reviews it worked on their computers too.Maybe your computers messed up?Thanx for the review anyways!

Nice work.

You did a great job on this soundboard. It is very interactive and actually has good sound quality. Keep up the good work.

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanx!Im glad you liked it!!!I will keep up the good work.