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Reviews for "the GREEN knight"

Great job

3 down 1 to go

I really like how he looks. He looks like he is ready to kick your ass (or at least impale it with arrows, POISON ARROWS)

dommi-fresh responds:

poison arrows would be badass.

Love them

These Castle Crashers are by far my favorite pieces you have on newgrounds, (with the zombie nintendo characters coming close behind)
ANYWAYS... after you're done with the knights, you could always make other characters from castle crashers, like the king, the grey knight, or some of the bosses? worth a thought

dommi-fresh responds:

i was gunna do a barbarian fo sho but there's no harm in doing more.

Link? o.o

This looks like Link on steroids in all honesty XD I know what you were going for and it looks awesome but the first thought in my head was Link.

Link is just as awesome as the green knight so good job! :3

Your dark queen is pleased <3

dommi-fresh responds:

you know i have drawn link twice you should check em out they're both my most popular pictures.


This picture tells us exactly what the green knight does! He hunts his victims 0.o

dommi-fresh responds:

and fucks em up


is realy nice

dommi-fresh responds:

realy realy nice