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Reviews for "the GREEN knight"


Is AMAZING! I love castle crashers and you just made my day sir!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

your very welcome kind sage!

Love them

These Castle Crashers are by far my favorite pieces you have on newgrounds, (with the zombie nintendo characters coming close behind)
ANYWAYS... after you're done with the knights, you could always make other characters from castle crashers, like the king, the grey knight, or some of the bosses? worth a thought

dommi-fresh responds:

i was gunna do a barbarian fo sho but there's no harm in doing more.


Thats an awesome Castle Crashers picture nice style alot of realism

dommi-fresh responds:

you bet it is

I love your style

Definitely my favourite artist on Newgrounds.
You need to make something like a speed-painting video for all of us who want to see how you come up with this awesomeness.

dommi-fresh responds:

i have but only for my digital stuff so far...

good job...

how did you do this by the way? water color?

dommi-fresh responds:

yep water colour and pen. OLD SCHOOL YO