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Reviews for "the GREEN knight"

hot dididly doo

this picture just made me want to go buy an xbox and castle crashers

dommi-fresh responds:

well shit you better get on it then


i like your stile but you need to fix the hands!
i just wanna help you...
(his right hand)

dommi-fresh responds:

whats wrong with it?


NAILED it this time! Sadly, now theres 2 more, theyve added the pink knight! *gasp!*

dommi-fresh responds:

fffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck i forgot about the pink knight

Here's yet another great art piece from you because it really shows how strong your character designs are. You went through a lot of work to portray each and every popular character in the Castle Crushers series. I've reviewed so much of your stuff, I don't know what's the best. This is certainly great work. What I really like is how you have such a strong background with the sketchbook paper. That simply HAS to be real.

You show a very realistic portrayal of this character. Everything about him is so strong, including his body frame. I can even see some sketches around his armored head. It shows a firm character ready to go out and save the day. Poses are everything in these pictures.

I personally favor darker shades and styles, this suits my preferences perfectly. Plus the parchment effect reminds me of some RPG's I used to play, like Neverwinter Nights and the character portraits. On top of all this, I'm just studying over trying to see what I can learn, getting out of my usual habits when drawing, like using a 4H all the time so my sketches doesn't look like I took a hobby knife to cardboard.

Cheers, and good luck with your other projects!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks man good luck with the drawing. my advice is draw how you like to draw! when you find a technique that you are proud of keep at!