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Reviews for "the GREEN knight"


Honestly I do not see anything wrong with HIS left hand. rune please its pretty obvious that you need to talk about the direction where the green knight is facing or it will get confusing. Two fingers on the string and the other 2 and the thumb not on the string. Whats so wrong about that? It just looks so epic like that :]. By the way great piece of art its a thing of beauty!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks glad you like it

this... is....

omigosh this just so awesome it gave me brain cancer and epilepsy AT THE SAME TIME!!!
now if you'll excuse me i have to go see a doctor

dommi-fresh responds:

tell him i sent you he'll know what to do.


OMG this art is so fucking awesome i loved it i dont know what to say.....10!!!!obiusly jaja really is so fricking cool !!!! oh and all the respects to you, you responce to all coments

dommi-fresh responds:

i certainly do


great art man, make a black knight one day, but good joob, he fought threw somone ass and came out green and now looking for the magic tolliet paper to get wipe before the curse of the smell returns up his ass

dommi-fresh responds:

what the hell are you on about man.

looks awesome and cool you did a very good job