Reviews for "poninja tribute"

Quite good

Quite good, the bad thing is the frame rate.

Magwai responds:

yeh i know, cant speed it up more in Swish :( thnx

musik :P

Whats the name of the soundclip on flashkit?

Magwai responds:

what soundclip i used 3

kinda cute

There images could have been better, but the music was cool. With more work you'll do great.
keep it up.

Magwai responds:

thanks, keeps me going :P

not bad

that was actually pretty good for a tribute

Magwai responds:



wow:-) u can use motion tween basically the whole movie but i guess it was ok... the drawings were really boring and you need to increase the framerate.... it might be somewhat good if u increazed it

Magwai responds:

thanks, cant increase the framerate anymore in swish, that program sucks, also i have no idea what motion tween is, but ok... i use swish :S... really have to learn flash mx, cause swish sucks! thnx for the review