Reviews for "poninja tribute"

A bit wierd.

It was vaguely amusing the way different body parts were 'killed' seperately.

And the music was a nice pick and there was some decent variation in methods of killing and the moves.

But it was all far too slow - it could have been speeded up for the most part and would have been a more enjoyable watch - and apart from that one novelty seemed too derivative.

Also, the graphics weren't that interesting.

But seriously, if you speeded it up, we could have gotten the same message, and watched all the same action in less time, and still understood it all just as well.

That'd be my #1 tip.

Stay funky,


Good for a beginer. But it was too slow, not enough killing and the people were too...big. But it was a Tad entertaining.

Not Good

Sorry but the speed was slow and there was no major killing!


Not bad for a first animation! Just try to make it go a little faster... the whole movie seemed like it was in slo-mo. lol
Maybe next time you can come up with something original. I liked the poninjas, though they weren't as good as the original. Considering it's your first flash, it's great.

Great tribute!

Not as good as the real poninjas though,and it didnt look exactly like it,lol,good anyways!Keep up the great work!