Reviews for "poninja tribute"


That was pretty kewl! The Poninjas would be proud themselves. Thanks for doing a tribute to my lil' guys!

Suggestion: Increase the framerate a bit to get the feeling of fast-action as seen in my poninja movies, and this will be great!

Magwai responds:

hey angrymouse, thanks u reviewd it, and u liked it :D

Too slow to be much good

This movie was too slow, and much of the action was lost. There also weren't enough sound effects. This was very boring to watch. And why is he called Genryu? It seemed like you were ripping off Genryu's blade (which is a much better movie than any of the poninjas).

Magwai responds:

thanks dunno y i called it genryu, i was just looking for a name because i wanted to upload, and genryu came up in my head, forgotten it was from one of the best movies here... but hey, there are more ppl called john, no?

Good, could be better but good.

Good work, nice graphics. Framerate is slower than a horses arse.

Magwai responds:

yeh, at al my movies everybody keeps saying the framerate is too low, I CANT SPEED IT UP MORE :P maybe i should learn flash mx... :S thanks


Frist off the music in this movie was very well selected and the intro was well done. this indeed was an intresting tribute with some neat style of ninja animations and some neat battles, the weapons were all rad and well detailed overall a neat tribute with some cool weapons and mini battles.

Magwai responds:

wow thanks... cool u liked it

I liked that

That's a good animation
Cool moves and a good idea
you could put a background to make it more atractive...
That's the only one thing I can say about the graphic
There is one other thing in the style, the enemies don't move enough... Even the big boss is kinda stupid!!! he tried to punch one time and waited to get killed.
Thats it!!!!
Good job

Magwai responds:

yeh true.. i know, thanks!