Reviews for "poninja tribute"

Not Bad At All

Great animations, the sound wasn't really that good, and there were no backgrounds, just the white. But I'm new to flash myself, and my stuff looks like shit lol, so that was some good work altho I have no clue what Poninja's lol, it looked pretty cool anyway.
nice job, and keep it up!

It's not bad

I don't know what poninja is but this ones good for a newbie. ;)

Magwai responds:

check http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=136934
thats ep1 of the realy poninjas. its very kewl, i just made the same type but in my own style.

not bad

keep practicing

Magwai responds:

thanks i will. thanks for ur high marks :D

I realy don't get why this had a score from 3/5

I know it's still under judgement. But it is just not so good.
I liked the music from the credits. Can you give me the name of it?

Magwai responds:

not so good, hmm its nice if ud tell y it isnt that good, because this didnt really helped. music? hmm nah


it was sorta like... madness.. only... not as good. cool poninja'ness, but... madness... verry verry simlar... ya im going with madness on this one, you did ok persay, but uh, nope, not all that good, kep up the work, im sure youl get better, we all do, exept the clocks, but thats a diffrent story, aint it.

Magwai responds:

hmm well thanks, but not everything with only arms and bodies is madness, i know madness is good, but i didnt thought of this type of charactars, like i said it were poninjas, but thanks