Reviews for "poninja tribute"


ok.....that was a piece of crap ......and eeeeeeeeeerh..........wasnt good

lol he threw the eyes

humor wouldve been better if he made bandana's and belts sit 2 tight by pulling it

a great tribute

even though it was not mad by the original artist it was still pretty good


you have givin me new hope that maybe just maybe my "dot." movie will survive because no offence but this was kinda mediocre but i do respect all the effort you probably put in 2 this flash so if you have some pointers please let me pick you brain! Aim:riganomic Email:riganomic@yahoo.THANX!

Yeah... no.

First of all, this needs to be sped up. Second, the music sucked some serious ass. The combat was kinda boring, especially the boss fight. How is it that he is able to grab the sworld by the blade, and somehow he catches the shuriken in mid-air?