Reviews for "Stabby's Revenge"

Good cartoon

I hope you do make a series out of this - it was very funny, in a sort of deadpan way. None of the individual elements of the flash were fantastic - the graphics, sounds and story were all good but as a whole it's excellent. Definitely needed some violence, but the ending still worked well.

Underrated, as usual.

I don't always go with the flow.

This is another one of those heavily underrated top-quality flash films on NG.

I guess alot of people are smoking crack or something, because it's a mystery to me why violence is the main trend and fine stuff like this is off-beat to most.

Well, not to me, so you have my encouragement to keep up the good work. Good graphics and funny voice acting.

it was OK

as an individual movie i wouldnt recomend it, but as the intro to a series (i hope) it was good, and i want to watch the second one to see what actually happens


that was good. this is going to be a series i presume? id like to see another one.

...right then

I have never heard anyone say idizzle. Until last Febuary. ...wait....