Reviews for "Stabby's Revenge"

i want more stabby

i like stabby but just one problem

WHERE THE HELL IS ALL THE STABBING a name like stabby i would assume some stabbing but none your lucky i see potential or i would have blasted you

Underrated, as usual.

I don't always go with the flow.

This is another one of those heavily underrated top-quality flash films on NG.

I guess alot of people are smoking crack or something, because it's a mystery to me why violence is the main trend and fine stuff like this is off-beat to most.

Well, not to me, so you have my encouragement to keep up the good work. Good graphics and funny voice acting.


Make more! :) I love them! Stabby is awesome.. Haha.. the town where he lives.. aww.. no secret way of finding out where? :) Hahaha.. A school that says fuck you.. awesome. Thanky ya Ed Atlin! You definately are a favorite.

Good flash

It was very funny, in a sort of deadpan way.

None of the individual elements of the flash were fantastic, but everything was at Par with eachother, that's what made this so good, hence, a 9/10.

Definitely needed some more violence, but the ending still worked well.


The only big loser is KronikSausage(The one who did the review before me).Keep up the good work.