Reviews for "Stabby's Revenge"

Pretty Good

More plot and could we actually see Stabby stab someone?


Man that was hi-freakin-larious!!! keep up the good work.

I enjoyed the classic cartoon styled humor!

This is definately my new favorite Newgrounds cartoon!!! I enjoyed this very much for the classic style cartoon humor, and yet it still kinda has that "I'm a new cartoon" effect. Good Work!!!


I cant believe everyone's saying they like this piece of crap. Nothing happens! It's not funny, it's not violent, the characters are poorly drawn, and it just bored the hell out of me.
Mr. Stabby, on rathergood.com is much better. At first i got my hopes up thinking it was another one of those, but damn was this dissapointing.

Very nicely done

I definately look forward to another one of these. Not a bad start, keep it up!