Reviews for "Stabby's Revenge"


THat was funny and kewl. I hope to see the next episode soon?

A great 'toon indeed!

First off, lemme say - I can't wait to see more of Stabby McGee. This flash movie of Stabby was hilarious - where the obviously wrong is made to be more horrible than a mild insult. A great chuckle!

This has an interesting style reminiscent of the Simpsons when it comes to the graphics. Near as I can tell this makes great use of shading and gradients, and the animation is also sweet.

I don't really have any critiques for you on this, so, I'll just end with, "Awesome movie! Keep rockin'!"


Hey man that was really kool! Make more! It's also good that someone from aus is on newgrounds cos i never see anyone from here. You should put more in your profile though. Rock on!

Hah all his stabby knifes were the same

Though perhaps only he can tell the difference ...

Haha! This was pretty funny!

Man, what a twist! I was SOO expecting a different ending! What has Stabby McGee become? I just don't know...