Reviews for "Fist Fuck 2004"

Um..is this a serious flash?

Um...i dun get it...is this really about you?

Really touching.

Though I can't say the title moves me, the movie and your art got through to me, and I hope one day you'll be in her arms again.

That was....F*cking amazing dude!

That was so moving!And so sad!T_TBut...WHY DID YOU NAME IT FIST F*CK!?!?!?Oh,I didnt click it because of the title,I just...I did...-_-*

--Trigun:Love & Peace!

I get it...

I had my suspicions when I saw this was rated for everyone. I can't say it was deep, but it was definitely moving--I feel your pain bro. In any case I say pretty good stuff, quite unlike the turd of the week that was orgy

That was deep, amazing and deap

dude that rocked, i have never been moved more in my life than watching this movie. You followed your dream and found the one... Now its my turn. Great movie