Reviews for "Fist Fuck 2004"

Same situation...without all the good parts...

I'm assuming that she's gonna see this....you gotta tell us her reaction :)


It is sort of big, but a lot of people can relate to such a thing, don't worry about all these guys talking shit about it. Obviously they have no life so they just search around for movies. lol and was the title to bring people in. I DID NOT SEE ANY FIST FUCKING. damn. lol. But ya. if you could have animated the people it would be a lil better.

uh yeah

the title dont add up with the movie and yeah, im gonna say what some people can't. It sucked. Im sorry but if that was a tribute or something to you girlfriend we don't really need that. OK. No offence but people are gonna blam it.


I think it is quite sweet. I don't see how it took you a year unless you did it in bits and pieces in your free time, but none the less It is nice. The only thing I can say is that I don't care for the music because I have heard it too many times and that you shoul change the title to something more appropriate. You probably called it that because you thought no one would watch it if you gave it the title it desirves. I guess you must have experienced some heartbreak in your life huh?

If Schizoid_P should happen to read this or if you know him tell him he is a fucker and that HE has no business being on Newgrounds. Newgrounds is a place for personal expression no matter what the type. We often forget this and assume that its purpose it to express sex, violence, and humor. If anyone cannot understand this fine but people like Schizoid_P, people who attack a person's ideals and/or expressions, WILL not be tolerated.

A year?

Dude if this animation took you a year to make then please, please go to control panel, add/remove programs and remove flash from your computer. Sorry to say it but it was an awsome story but could have been presented way way better :(