Reviews for "Fist Fuck 2004"

why was it called fist F*ck 2004?

Well,nice job.It was good e'nuff 2 keep me interested.

P.S.I cant beat Orgy mansion dammit!!

nice movie...........

.....but why did you call it Fist Fuck????


ok dude i liked the movie but the name was very mis leading u wanna apologize to ur girl for every one do it but dang man u need to seriously re name this ok but i hope and whitney have a good life!!!!!!!!

Misleading title!!!

It was a great movie with the right mood and story. One of the more emotionally touching movies on Newgrounds. The only skill I would suggest you improve is title making, for this was no "Fist Fuck 2004".


It's a great movie, truly touching, but just WHY did you name it "Fist Fuck"?