Reviews for "Fist Fuck 2004"

nice movie...........

.....but why did you call it Fist Fuck????


ok dude i liked the movie but the name was very mis leading u wanna apologize to ur girl for every one do it but dang man u need to seriously re name this ok but i hope and whitney have a good life!!!!!!!!

Misleading title!!!

It was a great movie with the right mood and story. One of the more emotionally touching movies on Newgrounds. The only skill I would suggest you improve is title making, for this was no "Fist Fuck 2004".


It's a great movie, truly touching, but just WHY did you name it "Fist Fuck"?

Great Movie, very nice,

Great story, but WTF is worong with you, if you love the girl so fucking much then why do you name it FistFuck2004
change that Stupid title!