Reviews for "Fist Fuck 2004"


To tell the truth i think the girl u drew looked like a guy..but..wtv..ur movie was really awesome. Iv always cried at the song from Titanic..yet this time i didnt...i think its cause i thought Whitney looked like a guy..newayz.. good job i hope u get back 2gether with whitney(i think)

i love it

it was absolutely brilliant...i want to watch it again, it almost made me cry. That really must take balls to admit that to her.

man i dont think even the coldest girl can resist

man i dont even think the coldest girl could resist an amazing effort like that you are the man you told her you cheated that took balls and you love her that takes alot of balls and dude if she doesnt want you back after this no offense intended what so ever but to brush this movie off lke that would have to have a heart of ice and a black loveless soul any time man you got my vote from castro01 signing out

Wow that was pretty cool

Best of luck with the getting back together thing too.


that was good. i thought it was porn but it was better than that !