Reviews for "Fist Fuck 2004"

It's ironic...

I came here looking for porn and whatnot, but I find a flash devoid of nudety and like it more than the porn i found. Damn... almost made me cry man...


Dude I give you mad props that's got to be the best thing I've seen on NG that was powerful...reminded me a lot about my gf only I didn't cheat on her..but wow keep up more good work man


only song on ngs that has made my eyes feel at all watery...

if that was you that must have sucked really bad X_X

kudos and thanks for proving that newgrounds isn't just porn and gore


man i totally know what that feals like its happend to me it sucks and hurts real bad.i never got over that girl.i know ill never see her agen but o well i still have hope.

Not Bad

You obviuosly love this girl a lot. I was touched by this flash. But why did you call it fist fuck 2004? Telling people that something is flash porn isn't the only way to get them to look at your movie. Besides, when pervs finbd out that something ist really porn they get really mad. Just ask any veteran NewGrouds user about the "vote 5 to see porn" thing a few years ago.