Reviews for "Last Boss (Megaman 6) Acapella"

omg, funny as heck!

this was very funny, sounded great, but the first time I heard it I was like......wtf?
but, after 3 times, I think it sounded good (and funny)
I'de love to hear you do another song, maybe a mario one.....

sonicmega responds:

I wanted to do the original Super Mario theme, but not only is it cliche, but someone else made me promise not to do it until they attempted it...


brings back memories

great acaplella it brings back memories of when i played megan 1-6 on NES

sonicmega responds:

I have played/beaten Megaman 6, to date, 46 times.

This does not include AFTER I discovered the Energy Exchanger item.

Interesting But why is everyone Bombing This?

Well as im not into this sort of thing i will set my preferences aside

This was realy well done I'd have to say

Lot's of effort and planning im geussing because you'd realy need to record all those voices put em together ect.

The only Reason i gave a 9 is becauseit doesn't realy loop well...
as a boss battle theme they usualy have to loop due to how long it usualy
takes to beat them

-my two cents-


sonicmega responds:

That is true, I suppose I should have rounded it off better or just not called it a Loop in the first place, that was likely an error on my part. Nevertheless, thank you for your input!


very good!good work!

sonicmega responds:

Thanks very much, my good sir! :D

Its cool..

I'll have to rate this a 8/10 because, well it doesnt really have a big tune. Im quite surprised that it got to the top scores. (Good luck)

sonicmega responds:

I am surprised myself, but I can see why people might like it. I agree, though, that it doesn't have the full TUNE of the original. Oh well! Here's to next time!