Reviews for "Last Boss (Megaman 6) Acapella"

This music is awesome!

I've only heard this in crash bandicoot and looking up.

sonicmega responds:

The music? Or the style?.... I can assure you this song hasn't appeared in Crash Bandicoot... at least to my knowledge.


sounds like ego raptor. great job man!

sonicmega responds:

Normally I'd scream in joy at the thought of being considered equal to him, but part of me wants to retain a little bit of uniqueness in my own attempts for future submissions. Regardless, thanks for the great support! :D


LOL Sounds werid but somehow kool :P lol abd extremly funny .

sonicmega responds:

I seem to get that reaction a lot. Meh, whatever works, right?


not much music but good

sonicmega responds:

Care to explain? I think I know what you mean, but it's still a little sketchy.

Thanks for the vote! :D

Dont know why

For some reason that makes me laugh, i guess its just funny the way you do it with that, doo doo doo dooooo, sound that people use when they only know the tune of the song, nice job.

sonicmega responds:

The reason for that actually has 2 parts to it, my friend;

1) The song itself ONLY HAS the tune to be heard, no words or other additions that would involve a separate form of music. In addition, I find that "doo"s are the best fitting sound effect to replicate most of what the original song sounded like.

2) The last time I attempted a Megaman Acapella, I actually DID use a different variety of sound effects, but the end result just didn't mesh well together. Compared to that submission, this one seems a lot more refined.