Reviews for "Last Boss (Megaman 6) Acapella"

lol :D

Super kewl! and funny to. lol

sonicmega responds:

Thanks a ton!


Doooo DoooO dooOo DOOOOOo
doooo shp dooo shp doooo shp
( i would do the whole song but ya
too lazy)
love it man
do another one!

sonicmega responds:

I will be happy to try another one sometime in the future! The question is which...

great song

this is an awesome song. i like the part where you go doo doo dee doo. lol

Q: What part is that?

A: All of it!
listen to some of my music please.

sonicmega responds:

Q: How do you spell English?

A: Hell if I know.



congratulations you managed to get you're voice stuck in my head ive been walking around all day doing the doo doo dee parts. good job

sonicmega responds:

OMG, LIKE WHICH DOO DOO DEE. The dee doo doo? Doo dee dee?

Dee Dee Dee?

I prefer Pikachu.

Funny... yet serious.

the first time i heard it i laughed... then the other 600 times i realized it was pretty catchy. i wish it was a little longer. 9/10

sonicmega responds:

A lot of the regular Boss stages in Megaman 6 are longer, usually around the 1:30 range, and not as repetitive either. Those would hold more of a challenge for sure.