Reviews for "Lufia 2 - Wrath of Sinistrals"

This is one awesome song

When the song started off,I knew it was going to be awesome.
Sweet song.


It's sounds like you just took someone else's midi orchestration of the song and played it back through the garbage dls gm bank that comes on windows xp and recorded the output. Can't say I'm impressed.

Unless you went through and scripted the midi out all the way on your own I don't see why this would deserve any high ratings.

SupraDarky responds:

It's a videogame remix, not an original composition. I'm not sure where you're coming from and I'm not using a Windows XP bank or whatever that is. I use FL Studio with soundfonts I modified myself. If you think this is just a midi with instruments slapped on, which would probably take about 5 minutes to do, then I guess there's no need to bother more than this. ;)

Well now!

I try to frequent the Audio portal from time to time. I actually looked up Lufia and came across your file! I was glad I did. Very nice touch to an already awesome song. I look forward to more of your work. =)


This is good it's way better thatn that "now your a hero" crap. Shoud of been numba 1.


sholud've gotten a better ratting