Reviews for "Lufia 2 - Wrath of Sinistrals"

Love it,

A Wonderfull remix for a Wonderfull game.
One of the best games ever made with truly amazing music :D
Way to go!

I absolutely...


Seriously. Best Lufia 2 Remix EVAR.

Rock on. :D


This is Soooo Awesome!!!


The song its great but i think the intro was a lil bit long

Its Great! Wonderful!

Not as brutal as I normally like it but thats cool. However, I just can't help feeling like something was missing from this fight song. You know? Like a certaint legendary hero who never go any recognition for anything he did? Hm? Coulda thrown a little fanfare in there for them huh? Just a little "trumpet" Maybe something a bit more climatic? With blue hair?