Reviews for "Lufia 2 - Wrath of Sinistrals"


All time favorite game in the world. Have you ever thought of the Music During the special scene with Maxim and Selan? Maybe the Theme song for the Extremely Forgetful Warrior who protects his Kingdom. Just thought I'd give maybe a new direction of other Music in the game a chanced to get remixed.

For the people Who played and Hopefully beaten the game Should Know... If not, Im not Ruining it for NO ONE HAHA.
BTW Thanks for the upload.

SupraDarky responds:

Thanks! Yeah it's a pretty awesome game, I might do other remixes!


fucking awesome!

like the beginning riff

I agree with nintendudes and constantlimit... boss music is the best!

constantlimit is right

boss music is the best

Boss music is the best!

I found this page from YouTube. Cool remix. I like this kind of stuff that is at OC Remix. It seems like every single game has great boss music. They really know how to create the suspense of battling a strong adversary.