Reviews for "Lufia 2 - Wrath of Sinistrals"


this is awsome

...I remember this!

This song is one of the best RPG boss songs!

Good remix!!
5/5 10/10 faved

hot damn!

never played lufia, but ive heard of it before... man i want to play it now. song had a nice melody throughout and emitted a great adventure-y vibe. drums were fantastic, high-hat splashes fitted perfectly whenever they kicked in. great job, keep it up.

SupraDarky responds:

It's a great game with an awesome soundtrack! Thanks a lot for the review, mighty-blob. :)


this was awsome id there was a 11 or 12 it would be that right now XD
it had a great beat, was well fit together and was not overpowering to listen to
so nice job DO MORE!!

SupraDarky responds:

Haha awesome, thanks! I'll probably do more at some point thanks to all this great feedback. :)


lufia 2 ftw.
it deserves so much more recognition it receives.

and ya did a good job man, props.

SupraDarky responds:

It really does! Thanks.