Reviews for "Lufia 2 - Wrath of Sinistrals"


this song is so KICKASS! really... great job! *favorites*

call me an ass all you want but...

i give it 5 stars and a 3 vote...not the best i've heard while not being the worst...still pretty good...


its longuer ,its butiful , i can't do beter ^^
great job man
add at mi favorites!!!


shut up spartan
if you were being hypercritical then you'd be a hell of alot more specific
supradarky its the best video game song i heard on this portal and i dont think thats
about to change any time soon

does justice to the best of the video game genre

(I am listening to this song as I write stuff down) Call it a "new years resolution" but I am trying to be hyper critical. (Hence not an instant ten) I like it a lot. I think you did a very good job considering you are remixing an original and not just doing whatever you want. You picked a good song to remix. Sorry I can't pinpoint what it is I caught in this that made me not like this quite as much... I thought some of it just needed a little polishing. Maybe some kind of change-up in the middle. I think it would make the whole thing come off better. Sorry I am not specific. Anyway, hope this is helpful somewhat.