Reviews for "Triforce of the Gods"

go link!!!

well done. like the wholelook and style. i would love to see the strength bracelet with the triforce somewhere on his wrist =)

epic win

i love both of them but keep working

Huge Fan

Huge fan of the Link series, you brought this to something on a completely different plane. Your work is simply outstanding you have captured a new essence rarely if ever seen. Please continue this kind of work


However, i don't get why you didn't include one of the bosses(like Blind) in a corner of the backround.

maniac086 responds:

Basically, because of Link's shield. The crystals don't obscure it too much, but having another bust of a character would have - or vice versa, the shield would have gotten in the way of giving another character enough space. Believe me, I reallllly wanted to try and fit another menace on the sidelines, it just wasn't working... =/

unbelievably old school

It's dangerous to go alone, take this! (wooden sword)