Reviews for "Triforce of the Gods"


love it dude - but how did you get that effect over it? Was this done in photoshop or coloured on paper..?


maniac086 responds:

Erm... Drawn on paper. Laid out and colored in Photoshop. The distinct texture is from a separate scan I did of a brown piece of paper.

Link VS Mola Ram

Kamila, KAlima,KAMILA
heh heh link is swreced ganon Mola aint no bitsh like Ganon. nice picture go for the boulder scene next


Wow, this looks like an official movie. I like how you captured Drew Struzans ( Guy who did the artwork for the poster) and give it your own touch to it. Did I mention it looks so god damn awesome? Because it does. Keep up the good work!


I love how you used an Indiana Jones style with the art(Kinda have to)But also used your own!Keep it up!

A New Level of Epic

You've reached it, my friend. Good work.