Reviews for "Triforce of the Gods"

So fucking awesome

Saw it on the front page and usually I don't go to art, but... I love this, Indiana Jones was great (well, let's pretend the 4th one never happened) and Zelda a Link to the Past, is in my opinion the greates video game ever made. And wow you executed it perfectly. This is going to be my wallpaper it's so awesome, don't even care that it's shaped wrong. oh and favorited... sorry I couldn't give a helpful review.

love it, fuckin lush....

i really love this right here. always been a huge fan of Nintendo and the Zelda series as well. making it like the indiana jones poster is really original and fits really well with Zelda. what i love most about this though is the texture which makes it look ancient and your style of drawing which makes it very unique.


The main problem, in my opinion, is Link's face. It looks too adult, and even at his oldest, (either Twilight Princess or Adult Ocarina of Time) he still has a boyish face. Other than that, excellent picture!

Very impressive, but a few problems.

Very nice work, the faded colouring and scratch/grain filters really contributes to the aesthetic. I really like your illustrative style and your skill with poses and shading is sublime. Just a few complaints - the composition seems a little unbalanced, top-heavy and leaning towards the right - I understand you're trying to bring out the Triforce in the background but, if you look at the original Raiders poster, it makes use of implied triangles with a busier composition down the bottom to create a feeling of stability and produce an even composition. The distinct lack of substance in the lower left corner makes the composition slightly uneasy. If you were to add another character or a temple or something there instead of crystals which seem out of place and overly simplistic compared to the overall composition, it would really make it a lot more harmonious.

Also, the scratch, grain and fading effects ought to have been applied to the "Triforce" and "Gods" in the title as well - as it stands, the words are crisper than their surroundings and therefore stand out a lot more and take away from the air of authenticity. And the text up the top was probably a poor choice, it looks like it was added as an afterthought and is reminiscent of internet-meme style text caption.

I really think the stars system for artwork rating is stupid, so don't think I'm giving you a zero - I just don't think it's fair to assess art based on a numerical system when art is an expression of ideas - to me, that would be like assigning a rating system to the different schools of philosophy.

double the greatness

Two great things made into one Amazing