Reviews for "Triforce of the Gods"


Just wow.

Did you use acrylate? Or is it all digitally drawn?

indiana link

hehe i can see a direct resemblance between indiana jones and link ^_^ cool


i saw this on devianart but ignored it but why is link mixed with indiana jones. Nice picture it looks like it was designed by the people that design the indiana jones cover art

maniac086 responds:

Thank ya much!
Why not mix 'em? =D


I wanna make a theme song for this! lol

maniac086 responds:

Please do! I so want that sweet aural majesty!

Love it!

Amazing how you made it look with the textures. It really does evoke memories of the Indy posters.

Damn Harrison Ford sure looks a younger....

maniac086 responds:

Thank ya much!!