Reviews for "Triforce of the Gods"


You imitated the original almost perfectly, but 'of the GOOS' doen't sound so amazing lol.

maniac086 responds:

Thank ya very much!
'Triforce of the Gods' is the original Japanese subtitle of 'A Link to the Past.'
Not the biggest fan of the title either, but trust me, it looks a lot better emblazoned in that famous Indy font than "a LINK to the past." =)

full of win

this should be on the cover of a pinball machine
nuff' said.

maniac086 responds:

Thank you most muchly! haha!


i think it is great artwork the only thing i dont like is the "D" in gods looks to much like an "O". At first look i thought "Triforce of the goos?" are you making fun of the Link series. but other than that. i think the artwork is great.

maniac086 responds:

Thank you very much!
Yes, I've thought the same thing... haha
I actually tried to narrow the D to make it look a little more different from the O.
I did notice that on the original poster the subtitle has a drop shadow instead of an outline. I may try and see if switching that up will make it more instantly legible.