Reviews for "Carious Weltling"


and its bad too....sorry


I liked the music...but the whole thing was creepy and horrible

i thought it would be fun at first sight.

i thought this game was going to be AWSOME till i played it. it is really boring cuz all you do is sit around and shoot at falling things and constently lose blood....it really needs a new twist to it. i didn't want to, but seeing how this game is boring i gave it a 4/10 but, if the author adds somthing cool or really awsome, ill change that 4/10 to a 7/10 or higher.


I really liked the game, I think the targeting reticle couldve been slightly more obvious as I at first thought it was something I needed to jump up and get as it looked like an object till I figured out you could shoot. so perhaps slightly more direction upon start of game sortof quick tutorial or something.

otherwise great game!


it was kinda weird but i enjoyed it. :D