Reviews for "Carious Weltling"


Gruesome and cruel, yes, but none the less.. a boring game. It is not initially boring, but it does begin to grow boring as the levels develop. The same burping and vomitting of blood.. You would think the dead demons would be more powerful..


yeah.. blood!!!


i dont rlly get the point .. you should of made it that u could use the blood spit unlimmited but not the geyser and i thought it was anoying couse u die if u dont catch those worms and stuff but overal good .. and i thought that bird hing lookes rlly sick :P
but u did good xd


Decent Presentation, however option text could have been made in a more readable color. Great animations, especially the blood pouring out of the mouth. The controls are slightly below average, im used to moving with the right and left arrows but its no real deal, i got used to it after a minute lol. The basic idea is brilliant, i hope there will be a sequel. I'm gonna give it an 8. xD


way better than 2 but i hate how you slide on the blood