Reviews for "Carious Weltling"


Utterly disgusting...but fun...in a disgusting way...

Good But Simple

I liked the game, the idea was fresh and new. I liked the gush of blood to kill other things, that was pretty crazy. This was a well made game, even if you wanted you couldn't really expand on it. Good Job!

VERY nice! o.O

Nothing like a bit o' gory goings on after a hard day's work, eh?

Weird concept though... a dead piece o' bird skin spitting blood??? o.O

Still... it's something different. I wonder what the inspiration for THIS concoction was! (No, seriously! I do!) =P

*BLEUGH!* x.x


I loved the game, it was very amusing. Definately make more.


this was the best game on ng i love it its amazingly disterbed and fun at the same time i loved it make more games this fun thanx a bunch