Reviews for "Carious Weltling"

I loved this game adding it to my addicting games playlist and also to my favorites it was really fun and enjoyable, but it would be great for you to have a separate button for geyser.

good game but i dislike teh peashys (only from carious weltling games) they always got me & they're scary
good thing i have strategy to not get cut up by them

ps teh badlands fun facts is epic & good & i know what male cereus peashys look like & what does teh female cereus peashys look like (just being curious ☺)

Wow! I really like it! The art and animations are very well done. I just am not too confrotable with the music, I don't know what kind of music would I put, but not the actual one. I didn't find any bug and didn't get no problems. I just will quote what MercuryBlue said: "Gratifyingly gruesome."

I made it to level 5 and scored 2,927 points. I played with the touchpad, though. I surely would scre higher with a mouse.


Gratifyingly gruesome. I am beginning to love all of games. The artwork is fantastic and the gameplay is such bloody fun. I really enjoy all the stories behind the creatures too.