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i like madness

This brings back fond memories!................Of when I 100% the turtle game but had no account to save it to.... :I Good job...

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who are those guys

A calendar?

It's stuff like this that makes me wish I could get the Newgrounds calendar in some way. It's so sweet how I can pretty much identify every single character here. The only one I'm having some trouble with is the red guy right next to Cuboy. I don't recognize this character, but whatever. It helps that you have really used your own animation style yet still use the original styles of these characters. It's hard to tell if it's sprites, but if it is, then the resolution is wonderfully done.

I wasn't expecting to see Jerry there. I would think that Maxwell Edison is a more popular character created by that artist, but then again, I prefer Jerry more anyway. I think the orange castle crusher might have a slightly taller head than the other guys. Dad's head is ridiculously small in this, but it's still nicely done. I like the characters at the bottom too.


I'm impressed Micky the Dick made it on there