Reviews for "Newgrounds is awesome :)"

this is so good!

this should be in the 2011 calender!! :D

Great work!

I really enjoy this piece, I like the fact that you added in the Angry Face, aswell as Mickey the Dick. But, I agree with JakBaronKing, the space does seem a little empty. I'm sure a few more characters would beable to fit in there, without being completely distracting of one another.

That being said, would like to note that I also love the colour scheme. It doesn't hurt my eyes when I look at it, just mellows them out, and I can focus.

Cool stuff.

It's good...but I honestly think it could be MORE

Right now it just seems so empty

The space provided is small compared to the grand scheme of things.

Granted your on the right track for a PERFECT entry.

But see if you can squeeze more characters in this.

Obviously there are MORE popular characters you should consider as well as the more selectively fan favorites

Keep in mind that you don't want to make it TOO busy.

But it would be fun seeing allot more characters in Pixel form.

okay man

This HAS to make it into the calendar or I am going to boycott NG calendars for ever.

it looks great

everything is nice, except I think meat boy doesn't look like meat boy at all. His shape seems less squared and his eyes and mouth are small making him look extremely bizarre, and he sticks out like a sore thumb. Other than this, all of the characters here are great, and look really nice.v