Reviews for "Newgrounds is awesome :)"

Newgrounds IS awesome, isn't it?

I love what you got going on here, I really do. It's like the pixel art isn't just a throw into chibi or RCR style, you got your own thing kinda going on. It would be neat to see you carry this further and get a giant wall of familiar icons, dozens and dozens and dozens of them.

Very Nice

But you fucked it up when you put in mickey...

Great pic!

Very nice pic! It brings all the great characters together as one!

Though, I have no idea why the hell people put the turtle from toss the turtle in thier calendar submissions...

Awesome but wait.....

Where is the dog and the green guy from?

EdpR responds:

there are two dogs the one between the Tankman and Jerry is Puppy from retarded animal babies, and the green guy is Salad fingers...

I love sprites

awsome that you put my little turtle in there :3 greatly made I hope it gets in X3

EdpR responds:

thanks dude, I hope it gets in too,
btw how's your new turtle game going?