Reviews for "Newgrounds is awesome :)"

Wish we had 11!

This is awsome its got almost everyone important to date and in propotion to each other at that. Sweet very sweet. Keep Drawing.


This deserves to be awarded Front Paged, nice job mate!


This is one of those 11-worthy art pieces. It's really original (okay, no - it's not at all), but I love how you did most of the characters, especially Dad. Dad is like a big-ass purple monster here, and that's how big he should look in the Dad 'n' Me game. Fancy Pants looks a bit weird, though, as he looks like he's dancing because of the way his feet are depicted. The back leg should be up as-well to give it that walking feel of Fancy Pants. Otherwise, you did pretty good in getting out the general "mascots" of this little (big-ass) place we call Newgrounds. Keep it up (and I can't believe you forgot the tank. if you put the tank right under Everything, by Everyone, you could've had it chasing Fancy Pants and Ugly Dawg, giving FP a reason to run.)


this should be the cover, i love this. maybe a little more color with the background would be cool, but hey Im no artist so Ill leave you to the creative genious. Hope you make it man, best of luck

Very pretty

If you pixellized the Tank and maybe the text, I'd vote for it.