Reviews for "Newgrounds is awesome :)"

Liking the Sprites!

hey you have a good picture! hey im making a 8-bit picture kind of like this! (but its a 8-bit picture of the old game Newgrounds Rumble.) check it out sometime! keep up the good work!

Yes, Yes it is!

NG is 100% awesomeness!

Everybody now!

I can list all of the characters right off the bat! It is good that you filled up the image with lots of recognizable characters, although I don't think Mickey should be there. I love how you put the two 'boys' next to each other and that Fancy Pants is about to kick the Badly-Drawn Dog as if he were a spider. Good work! The only thing I can suggest is, like others have mentioned, it seems that quite a few other people could fit on there too. Where's Tarboy?!

woof woof woof

lmao the dog from the impossible quiz u missed charlie the unicorn!

just two things missing