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Reviews for "The Tryst"

gripping stuff

This is certainly a unique flash game.Mature,realistic and with the feel of a emmy-winning drama,I'd say that this is good in a way different from most other flashes.Good work,keep it up.


This movie was well put together and appeared to be well thought out as well. I liked the story line and like all the other movie's you make where you pick what the character's should do, I enjoyed it.

Very Good!

Just O.K not as good as it could of been.

This rating is for the overall series I mean it is good just a little slow but overall worth it in the end but my biggest problem is the fact that you have to go to his other site and pay for the second half of this show and much of the rest of the series which left me confused with all the holes in the story.

Its ok

Its ok But i liked the second one better but its still a good submission.


Liked the different decisions you can choose for Angie and Yale.